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FAQ - Most Common Questions

Our website offers the most beautiful themes from the Internet to use as home page. Click the "select" button of a theme and follow the instructions to set it as your browser's home page.

Which are the features that are part of the themes?
The themes have content such as photos and quotes available from our website and other features are offered through "widgets" that are small applications with different purposes.

How much does it cost to use a theme as home page on my computer?
It's free! You can use the themes of home pages on any computer connected to the Internet.

Are the search results really from Google?
Yes, it's used the Google search engine displaying the same results as the original site.

Can I use my image or photo on the home page?
We do not have this feature yet, but in future updates we can offer this.

I have an idea or suggestion, what do I do?
Use our form to contact our team.