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Have a home page full of resources to access the Internet. Our home pages have the Google search engine, background, quotes, photos and links to the major sites of email, photo, video and social networks, on the web.
How to use a home page of our website??
1. Click the Preview button to view the home page themes on your computer screen.
2. After choosing a theme, click the Select button and follow the onscreen instructions to set the theme as your home page.
3. The next time your browser is started, your new home page will be loaded.
Read how to change your home page to change the theme of your computer's home page.

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About the Site

Want to change the default home page of your browser Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari? With the site My Page Theme is quick and easy, just choose one of the themes and set it as homepage. There are numerous home page themes available with links to popular websites, quotes, photos and much more.

The site offers personalized home page themes to use in any Internet browser. The themes are pre-configured with icons, links, widgets, texts and the search field. The search results are displayed on a following page using the Google search engine.

Does this site spread malwares or files which damage my computer?
No! Our website is free of any malware, viruses or files that change the configuration of the user's computer.

Is it necessary to download or install any file?
You do not need to download any file and because of this the My Page Theme is easy and secure. Select a theme and follow the instructions on the screen of your browser to set a home page of our website.

Which Internet browsers are supported?
All browsers that you can choose your homepage are supported including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

How do I change my browser's home page?
Each browser has different ways to change the home page, the most common option is to go in the configuration options, look for the field home page and paste the address of the chosen theme.